Intro to Mission (15 week version)

In January 2016, we added a new course to the IBS curriculum called "Intro to Mission."  It looks at cross-cultural mission from four perspectives: biblical, historical, cultural and strategic. It relates directly to one area we need to grow as an organization--namely, crossing cultures more effectively with the gospel. 

Here's a 3 minute clip from the class of Dr. Timothy Tennent 

As staff have heard about this class, they have asked, "Can I take it, even though it's not required for me?" The answer is Yes.  Four times per year we offer an online version of Intro to Mission. You can learn more below.  (If you came on staff before 2016 and are under the current requirements, this course can be taken in place of Church History or Apologetics. For those under the old requirements, completing this course earns 2 credits towards Missions/Ministry/Church History.)  We also offer a face-to-face version of the course during the summer. 


Our God is a missionary God.  From Genesis to Revelation, God is working to create a community of redeemed people from every tribe, tongue and nation for his glory.  This class will help you better understand God’s mission (missio Dei) and the vital role his church is called to play in advancing his kingdom.  We will explore cross-cultural mission from four perspectives.  First, we will look at what Scripture says about the mission of God (biblical/theological perspective).  Second, we will trace the global history of Christian mission from the first century to the twenty-first century (historical perspective).  Third, we will examine culture and how we can more effectively communicate the gospel cross-culturally (cultural perspective).  Finally, we will explore how Cru fits into the global story of missions and how we, as Cru missionaries, can participate in God’s mission to gather a redeemed people from every nation for his glory (strategic perspective).

 What are people saying?

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When does Intro to Mission start?

Intro to Mission is offered four times a year (following each New Staff Orientation). Generally new Intro to Mission classes start in February, May, August, and September. The dates are always changing because of the NSO schedule.

How do I register for the online Intro to Mission course? (Senior Staff)

***New Staff: If you recieved an email with your personal enrollment key please go to to enroll***

Register here for ITM (Registration not available)

What is the workload like?

Unlike our other virtual classes, Intro to Mission is a 15-week long course. It is an average of five hours of work a week. Each week you will watch lecture content, pray for an unreached people group, read through relevant articles, and journal about what you are learning. Intro to Mission is taken with a coaching group. You will interact with your coaching group periodically throughout the course via forums and video calls. There are also two major assignments, a missionary biography and a cultural learning experience. Syllabus Coming Soon.

What if I have Questions?

If you have unanswered questions regarding Intro to Mission, please send an email to