Continuing Education & Graduate Study Program 

Our "Graduate Study" program has recently been updated to include a wide variety of developmental opportunities outside Cru and to streamline the application and approval process. Often, there has been confusion over who needs to approve a professional development opportunity in order to use work hours and reimburse it. Our desire is that this updated program will greatly reduce this confusion. The Continuing Education & Graduate Study Program is for professional development greater than 6 months.  This website highlights portions of that program and provides access to application and reference documents.  

Continuing Education & Graduate Study Program: Explanation and Policies 


Three Types of Continuing Education & Graduate Study

Three kinds of study exist within our Continuing Education & Graduate Study Program: (1) part-time study, (2) summer study and (3) full-time study.

  • Part-Time Study: Under this category a staff member invests the equivalent of one day per week (eight hours out of a 40 hour work-week) pursuing graduate studies, alongside normal ministry responsibilities.
  • Summer Study: Under this category a staff member receives “graduate study” as a summer assignment.
  • Full-Time Study: Under this category a staff member engages in full-time graduate study. (Note: Full-time graduate study is very rare in Cru.

Each of these modes of study requires organizational approval. Meeting the qualifications means you are qualified to apply, not that you are automatically given permission.

Steps to Apply for Continuing Education & Graduate Study

1. Staff member reviews the continuing education program.

2. Staff member discusses their interest in continuing education with their supervisor.

3. Staff member reaches out to their Theological Development & Culture (TDC) rep or LDHR/P&C Director.

4. Staff member submits the application for continuing education.

5. Staff member’s supervisor submits a reference.

6. Staff member’s LDHR/P&C Director and/or Theological Development & Culture rep make a decision regarding approval for part-time graduate study. This will include assessing the fit between the proposed development and the staff member's job.

7. Staff member is notified in writing about the decision and receives a letter to be used each time they reimburse developmental expenses as a ministry expense.

Cru Counseling Policy

Though counseling is a form of professional development, it is covered under a seperate policy and not in the program outlined above.    

Cru Counseling Policy