Currently five IBS courses are available online: OT Survey, God/Bible/Holy Spirit, Apologetics, Church History and our new mission course, Intro to Mission.

Remember that you can also fulfill IBS requirements by taking equivalent online courses from an accredited graduate school or seminary.  

To see a schedule of virtual classes, click "Upcoming courses" below. (Note: Intro to Mission operates on a different schedule.  Click here to learn more about the ITM course.)

Upcoming Courses


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Read what students are saying about taking Virtual IBS courses!:

- "It is absolutely worth your time, easy to manage even with a busy schedule. A joy."
- "Recommend taking it online"
- "I am recommending that all my co-workers take advantage of the accessibility of this IBS course the next time it is offered. We are overseas, so this is a great way to take a class. Specifically for this course, Dr. Futato is an excellent teacher!"
- "more IBS classes online PLEASE!!!!!!"


Summer 2019 (5-week courses)

(Registration opens February 20th, 2019)

Old Testament Survey - Summer 2019 (May 19th to June 26th - 5 Weeks)
Apologetics - Summer 2019 (May 19th to June 26th - 5 Weeks)
Church History - Summer 2019 (May 19th to June 26th - 5 Weeks)
God/Bible/Holy Spirit - Summer 2019 (May 19th to June 26th - 5 Weeks)
Intro to Mission - Summer 2019 (May 19th - June 26th - 5 Weeks)