Why Partner with Other Seminaries?

Because theological development is crucial to our mission, we want to open every venue we can to you for having a deeper understanding of the Word and the ability His Word to your life and the lives of those you minister to. To this end, the Campus Ministry has developed relationships with five major seminaries to help bring quality training to the front-lines of ministry.

Our Partnerships Are Geared toward Ministry Professionals

Sometimes we assume that the only way to get further formaltheological education is to leave the field and go to seminary full-time. Our seminary partnerships are designed to provide you a great alternative to full-time studies: theological education in the context of ongoing ministry. Through one of our seminary partners you can complete a graduate degree (or merely take a class) without ever leaving the field. Each of our partners offers numerous courses in a variety of flexible formats. By taking our classes in the summer and short Winter breaks, you are able to take a short break from ministry and fully apply yourself to studies. The rest of the year you are able to focus on ministry without the distraction of studies. It really is a good way to be fully involved in ministry with the ability to further your theological development.

Receive Graduate Credit for IBS Coursework

The purpose of IBS is to provide you with a growing biblical and theological foundation for a lifetime of ministry. Each of the eleven core courses at IBS can be taken for graduate credit through one of our seminary partners. Graduate credit is only available for live, face-to-face courses taken in the United States. If you choose to pursue a seminary degree through one of our partner seminaries, you can apply this credit toward your degree program. If you attend another seminary, you can transfer the credit to the seminary you choose to attend. This is a win - win situation for Cru staff and partnership seminaries. You receive credit for your studies, seminaries receive serious students with ministry experience.

Receive Discounted Tuition

Full-time Cru staff receive discounted tuition through each of our partner seminaries. (NOTE: Only full-time Cru staff are eligible for the tuition discount.)