Why IBS?

We use the Scriptures every day in ministry. Whether we are proclaiming the life-changing message of the gospel or helping ground men and women in the truth of God’s Word, the Scriptures inform all we do. Have you ever finished leading a small group Bible study and thought, “I wish I knew the Scriptures better?” Have you ever found yourself in an evangelistic conversation in which you thought, “I wish I knew how to respond more effectively to this person’s questions?” Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who is deeply struggling and thought, “I wish I was better able to relate the truths of Scripture to my friend’s problems?” We are all aware of our need to grow deeper.

Theological Development Is Crucial To Our Mission

The nature of the mission to which we have been called requires kingdom-workers with a passion for God who are growing ever deeper in their ability to understand and apply His Word to their own lives and the lives of those to whom they minister. We need to be women and men who treasure Christ, being captured by a vision of His greatness; leaders who are able to apply the resources of the gospel to the lives of broken people; and women and men who possess great confidence in the promises of God.

IBS Helps Equip You

IBS allows you to serve in ministry without distraction. By offering our classes in the summer and short Winter breaks, you are able to take a short break from ministry and fully apply yourself to studies. The rest of the year you are able to focus on ministry without the distraction of studies. It really is a good way to be fully involved in ministry with the ability to further your theological development.

  • Imagine the opportunity to encounter God in a profound way through His Word.
  • Imagine the opportunity to interact with some of the top seminary professors in the country in an intimate classroom setting.
  • Imagine the opportunity to develop new friendships.
  • Imagine the opportunity to research apologetic or theological issues you encounter in ministry.
  • Imagine the opportunity to deepen your ability to understand and powerfully communicate God’s Word under the watchful eye of a coach.

Through IBS you will have the opportunity to be refreshed in your spirit, revitalized in your vision and renewed in your thinking. We hope you’ll consider joining us.