Staff Perspectives

I love the idea of being a life long learner. I had been doing some study here and there but felt I needed the challenge and accountability that grad school would bring and it has! Having a seminary education has opened up opportunities as well as keeping me connected with a great network of relationships that continue to provide the challenge and resources I need. I really believe theologically trained leaders are crucial to fulfilling our mission of reaching lost students. I'd recommend further study if you feel God has called you to vocational ministry.

— Chuck Mailloux, Athletes in Action

“While serving as a regional director, desiring one theological class turned into a degree which developed my mind and character further for ministry. The tools gained from seminary not only enhanced my gift of teaching, but it also helped equip me for leadership.” 

— Jacqueline Bland, International Campus Staff, South Africa

 “I believe that pursuing a theological education while on the field has been invaluable. It allows me to get the theological training in the context of real life ministry. I also see that because I have been in ministry for almost twelve years that I have questions that can be answered in seminary. The 50% off of tuition is another plus.” 

— Mark Brown, LifeLines

“I'm so thankful for the opportunity to pursue theological development from the field. We're convinced that God has used our experience to increase the depth and richness from which we're able to minister. We're grateful that God has worked through my studies to lay a foundation that we trust will be a bedrock for ministry for the rest of our lives.” 

— Bill Kollar, Cru High School