IBS Courses Offered at Lake Hart

Historically, three courses (fall, winter, spring) have normally offered each year, but we are now working to increase the yearly options.

These courses are both for the hundreds of staff who serve at Lake Hart and for staff wishing to take a one week intensive course in Florida to meet their IBS requirements during some of the more enjoyable months here. 

We welcome staff to take these courses who do not live in Orlando.  It's a great opportunity to be:

  • Refreshed in the Word
  • Connect with the Lake Hart staff community 
  • Enjoy the wonderful weather and attactions of the Orlando area

For those needing a place to stay during a course, you could consider staying with staff friends or at these discounted options on our staff page.  

Register for Winter 2024

Christian Worldview and Ethics (January 22-26, 2024)
Humanity / Christ / Salvation (Feb 19- 23, 2024)