Upcoming IBS Courses


May 22 – Jun 30

Church History

May 22 – Jun 30

Old Testament Survey

May 22 – Jun 30

God/Bible/Holy Spirit

May 22 – Jun 30

All IBS Courses

Jun 20 – Jul 15
Summer IBS 2016, Orlando

Spiritual Formation

Aug 01 – Aug 05
Little Rock (Family Life)

IBS News

Registration is open for the Orlando IBS

This summer all the IBS core courses will be offered in Orlando from June 20 to July 15.  Registration is open.  

Where can I find IBS courses?

IBS courses are delivered in three ways:
1. Local IBS, where an IBS course is delivered in a one-week format in various cities across the U.S.  Over a dozen courses a year are offered in this format.
2. Virtual IBS, where IBS courses can be taken online over a period of ten weeks.  Currently three IBS courses are available online (with more coming in the future).
3. Summer IBS, where all eleven IBS core courses are offered in a two-week format. 

How can I find out which IBS courses I have completed?

You can find information about your IBS records here.  Did you know that you can now view your course records online for IBS courses taken in the U.S. between 1995 and the present?  Follow this link and click the "My Training" tab.  It will show whether you have finished IBS and what courses you have taken.  You will need your Relay login.

How can I find out which IBS courses I still need?

If you came on staff after 1992, you need to complete the eleven IBS core courses. If you came on staff before 1992, you are under the old requirements. Use the IBS Progress Report to help you figure which IBS courses you need to finish.

Do you know that DTS is offering your first class free?

Learn about your free class at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Have you heard about CoreDoctrine?

CoreDoctrine is a new web-based theological development tool that is designed to provide an overview of the major doctrines in the Cru Statement of Faith. Check it out.