Live Virtual Courses (1 or 2 weeks live)

Many IBS classes are now offered in a live virtual setting. 

For these classes you will be in a Zoom meeting with a professor and up to 25 other students.  The class meets at a fixed time each day (typically 2 hours in the morning and/or 2 hours in the afternoon, depending on the length of the course). The live portion will be a mix of lecture and discussion. In order to particpate in these classes, you need a headset with a microphone, a stable internet connection, and a private quiet location (no coffee shops).

Class Participation: Students are expected to actively engage, with their video on, in every class session.  If something comes up and you need to miss a class session, please let the professor or TA know before the class session starts.  It may be possible to record the session so you can watch it later.  Please note that if you miss more than 20% of the sessions, you cannot pass the class and you will still be charged.  

You cannot receive graduate credit for these live virtual courses. 

Fall 2022 

Biblical Interpretation and Communication (Sept 13 - Dec 7, 2022)
Humanity/Christ/Salvation (October 31 - Nov 4, 2022)


Winter 2023

Christian Worldview and Ethics (January 23-27, 2023)
Global Church History (January 30 - February 3, 2023)