Old IBS Requirements (Prior to Summer 1992)

If you joined the staff of Cru before summer 1992, you are under a different set of IBS requirements. Rather than 11 specific courses, you must complete certain number of credits in four categories.  

  • Theology & Apologetics - 8 credits
  • Bible - 8 credits
  • Ministry/Missions/Church History - 4 credits
  • Electives - 4 credits

For courses to count toward your IBS requirements, they must either have a letter grade, "P" (for pass) or "CR" (for credit).  Audited courses do not count.

The eleven core IBS courses (as well as other electives) can be used to fill in the “credits” for those who joined staff before 1992.

Most IBS courses are 2 credits (some electives are 1 credit).

To figure out what courses you still need under the old requirements, download old IBS requirements document and the IBS Progress Report. Fill in the courses you have completed in each category. If you have questions, send email to ibs.info@cru.org.

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