Exemption from IBS Courses

What if I have a Graduate Theological Degree?

If you have graduate theological degree, you may be exempt from some IBS courses. If you want to be considered for IBS exemptions, submit a scanned copy to ibs.info@cru.org. Be sure to include a note explaining that you wish to be considered for a course exemption. 

Taking Equivalent Courses to Fulfill IBS Requirements

Some IBS course requirements can be fulfilled by taking an equivalent course from an accredited seminary. In order to apply a course toward your IBS requirements, the following conditions must obtain:

    1. It must be taken from an accredited seminary.
    2. It must be a graduate level course. (Undergraduate courses are not acceptable.)
    3. The course must cover the same content as the IBS course.
      (See IBS core course descriptions.)
    4. You must pass the course with a grade of C or better.
    5. You must submit a transcript showing that you completed the course. Upon completion, scan a copy of your transcript and email it to ibs.info@cru.org. Along with a copy of your transcript, please explain the courses you wish to be exempt from.

What IBS courses can be fulfilled through equivalent courses? 

Those under the OLD REQUIREMENTS (staff who joined before summer 1992) can apply equivalent courses toward any of their IBS requirements. See the Old Requirements page.

For those under the NEW REQUIREMENTS (staff who joined in the summer 1992 and later), the following IBS core classes can be completed by taking an equivalent graduate-level course meeting the criteria outlined on the previous page:

  • Intro to Mission (Intro to Mission is the only IBS requirement that can be fulfilled by taking an undergraduate or graduate course. This is because ITM is not a graduate level course.)
  • Bible Study Methods
  • God/Bible/Holy Spirit
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Apologetics
  • Humanity/Christ/Salvation
  • Christian World View
  • Church History

Not all IBS course requirements can be completed through taking an equivalent course. The following courses MUST be taken through IBS:

  • Intro to Christian Theology
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Biblical Communication

*If you have a question about whether a course you are considering would fulfill IBS requirements, send an email to ibs.info@cru.org. To apply an equivalent course toward your IBS requirements, we will need a transcript showing you completed the class. We will then record you as “exempt” from that particular course. Contact ibs.info@cru.org.


What if I took at IBS course in another part of the world? 

IBS courses taken in other parts of the world can be applied to U.S. requirements. If you have taken an equalivalent IBS course through Cru in another part of the world, we simply need a a transcript (or an email from the IBS director or instructor) verifying that you completed the course with a grade of C or better. We will list you as "exempt" from the equilvalent course in our academic database for the purposes of your IBS certificate.