IBS Graduation

Once you have completed the eleven required IBS courses (or equivalent), you are eligible to graduate from IBS.  You do not automatically graduate when you have completed your courses.  We need to verify your records and mark you as complete in our database.  This will offically record you as done with IBS and will be used by Personnel Records for MHA.

In order to graduate, you must submit an IBS Graduation Application.  This is a short google document that will take you through the process and collect information we need to process your graduation.  Once submitted, an automated response will be sent to your company inbox that you will forward to ibs.info@cru.org to let us know you have submitted your application form.  You should expect a reponse from that mailbox within a week of submitting the form.

As part of the IBS Graduation Application, if you are under the Old IBS Requirments, you will need to fill out an IBS Graduation Form - Old Requirements and uploaded it as part of your application.

After we have processed your application, we will email you a response with graduation approval or any additional follow-up required. From time to time we will send out official IBS Graduation Certificates to honor your work.  A certificate is not necessary to prove you are done with IBS or to keep MHA.  Unfortunately, we are no longer planning a regular recognition banquet to honor your accomplishment as part of the National Staff Conference.