Course Selection Guidelines

  1. Please note that all IBS Core courses can be taken either for graduate credit (through one of our five seminary partners) or for IBS credit toward the certificate. Taking a course for graduate credit does not increase your workload because all IBS core courses are already taught at a graduate level. The only difference between IBS credit and graduate credit is the cost. NOTE: To be qualified to receive graduate credit you must possess an undergraduate degree.
  2. If you are taking IBS core courses in order to fulfill your organizational requirement (i.e., the IBS certificate), you must take your courses for a grade. Auditing core courses does not count toward the IBS requirements.
  3. Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Communication have been combined into one integrated track lasting four weeks. Because these two courses have been woven into a seamless whole, they must be taken together during the same summer. You may take Biblical Communication by itself only if you have taken Biblical Interpretation during a previous summer. (See course descriptions for more info about this.)
  4. If a course has prerequisite (as several courses do), the required prerequisite will be identified at the end of the course description.
  5. If you are Campus Ministry staff and have been assigned to IBS as your summer assignment, you are required to complete 8 IBS credits, i.e. four two-week courses during the summer.
  6. When registering for classes, be sure to check the course schedule to make sure that you are not signing up for two classes offered at the same time.
  7. Course syllabi for all required core courses will be available on the IBS Core Classes page of this website a month or two before IBS begins. We would strongly encourage you to download descriptions for the courses you are taking and to complete as much of your reading as you can before you arrive.