Bible Study Methods


Using an educationally sound, workshop-style approach, Bible Study Methods is designed to introduce you to a process for studying the Bible and give you a chance to improve your skills, all under the watchful eye of a skilled mentor. You will be exposed to the classic principles of interpretation, and then you will turn theory into practice by applying the principles as you study the book of Ephesians.  This course will cover the entire process of Bible study, from motivation, to interpretive principles, through skills and tools, all the way to communicating the text to others in a Christ-centered way. After a lecture each day, your trained workshop coach will teach you skills and guide you through the use of tools to help you see and savor the glory of Christ in and through the Scriptures.

This course represents the first in a sequence of three courses you will complete that focus on studying and communicating the Bible. Following Bible Study Methods you will complete Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Communication. In Biblical Interpretation you will learn how to interpret and apply the diverse literary forms in the Bible including narrative, prophesy, poetry, law, and gospel. In Biblical Communication you will you will learn how to communicate the Bible’s message in a Christ-centered and life-changing way.


  • That you would be introduced to tools that can help you better understand Scripture and apply it to your life
  • That you would discover why it is important to relate every passage to the redemptive story-line of the Bible
  • That you would experience the gospel as you discover how Scripture exposes your brokenness/rebellion (fallen condition) and points you to find true life in Christ (redemptive solution)
  • That you would learn how to discern the “fallen condition” and “redemptive solution” in a passage of Scripture
  • That you would learn how to point people to Christ through small groups by asking good questions with the launch/explore/apply template
  • That you would be better equipped for ministry by applying interpretive principles to your future reading, study and teaching from epistles
  • That you would become aware of how our cultural perspectives might blinds us to aspects of the gospel
  • That you would be prepare you for Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Communication 


“I learned a new, exciting approach to studying and teaching the Word.”

The best part about the class is that changed the way I read the Bible and expanded my view of who Christ is. I loved how God used the methods to help us cherish Christ more.

“I absolutely loved this time and will look back at it as a crucial time in my development of loving the Word. Thank you for the guidance.”

“Thank you! You changed the way I read the Bible and gave me greater confidence and a vision for where I want to be.”

"The joy of savoring Christ interwoven as an assignment and in that way it was practical and unlocked to us all our Bible teaching should point to savoring Christ as well."