How to Register 

The first step is to look at the schedule on the summer page and match what courses you need with what is being offered.  

Once you have selected which courses you want to sign up for, you can proceed to the registration pages for each type of venue of class (In-Person, Precorded Virtual, and Live Virtual). In most cases, you will be signing up for each class seperately.  On each of the pages, available courses are listed as you scroll down with pop-out descriptions, registration link, and course resources.  Click on a register button like this to sign up for each course. Return to the link location after registration to get more information, course syllabi, etc.  The pages where you'll register are to the right and listed below.    

In-Person Courses in Orlando (two week format) - Registration links are under course titles on this page

Live Virtual Courses on Zoom (one or two week format) - Registration links are under course titles on this page

Prerecorded Virtual Courses (five week format) - Registration links are under course titles on this page

After you register, you will be sent a confirmation email with additional information and links for each course.  

Course Selection Guidelines

  1. If you with the Campus Ministry staff and have been assigned to IBS as your summer assignment, you are expected to complete three or four courses (if you are assigned full-time) or one or two courses (if you are assigned part-time).
  2. We recommend prioritizing Biblical Interpretation and Communication if you have not already taken them. Be aware that Biblical Interpretation is only being offered as Live Virtual and Biblical Communication is only being offered In-Person in Orlando. You must be able to take both classes to sign up for them. Bible Study Methods is prerequite to take these courses. 
  3. It is not necessary to complete “second year” courses before you take any “third year.” Some courses have size limits, so you may also want to prioritize signing up for classes accordingly. 
  4. With the number of course formats availble, staff are free to mix and match as needed.  That is, you can take both In-Person and Virtual courses this summer.  We would recommend prioritizing In-Person courses to the extent possible.
  5. Course syllabi for all required courses will be available at the registration page by April 15th, 2022. We would strongly encourage you to download descriptions for the courses you are taking and to complete as much of your reading as you can before the course begins.  
  6. If you are taking IBS courses in order to fulfill your organizational requirement (i.e., the IBS certificate), you must take your courses for a grade. Auditing courses does not count toward the IBS requirements. Staff generally choose to audit a course because they have taken it before for credit or they already have an IBS certificate. To audit Precorded Virtual classes, please mark it on your registration. To audit other courses, you should send an email to so we can make a note of it.   
  7.  If you need to find out what IBS courses you've completed, email us at

New IBS Core Course: Intro to Mission 

In January 2016, we added a new course to the IBS curriculum called "Intro to Mission."   It looks at cross-cultural mission from four perspectives: biblical, historical, cultural and strategic. It relates directly to one area we need to grow as an organization - namely, crossing cultures more effectively with the gospel. You can find a further description here under the first-year courses. As staff have heard about this class, they have asked, "Can I take it, even though it's not required for me?" The answer is YES, you can take ITM in place of Apologetics or Global Church History if you took New Testament Survey (meaning you joined staff before 2016).  Those that joined staff in 2016 or later are required to take Apologetics and Global Church History.