What's the Plan for Summer IBS?

Many staff are asking what our plan is for IBS summer 2022. We plan to offer all IBS courses face to face in Orlando at Rollins College.  In addition, some IBS courses will be available virtually either as a five-week prerecorded virtual IBS course or as a one or two-week live virtual IBS course (on Zoom). 

Detailed Course Schedule 

REGISTRATION will open February 15, 2022 

Syllabi will be posted by April 15th 

Have questions? Email ibs.info@cru.org


Download the Schedule Above

How much does IBS cost?

  • IBS credit: $200 per course
  • Audit: $200
  • Grad Credit: $290 (total cost per class)**

Graduate Credit

**Graduate credit is only available for in person IBS couses.  Biblical Intepretation (offered online) will also be available for graduate credit.

Tuition Rebate

There is a $200 rebate for any staff who takes 4 courses or if a couple takes 6 or more classes combined.  The rebate is not applied to your costs until you have completed the courses. Staff accounts are not charged until IBS ends.

Refund policy for withdrawing from IBS courses

  • Full refund if withdrawing by 1 day of a 1-week class, 2 day of a 2-week class, 1 week of a 5 week class.            
  • No refund if withdrawing after the dates above.
  • Email ibs.info@cru.org to withdraw from a class.

Auditing Courses

Prerecorded Virtual courses may be audited (i.e., the student watches videos and has some limited interaction, but no assignments are submitted or evaluated and no credit is given) for a fee of $200. If you plan to audit a course you must declare your intention to audit during registration. Your status cannot be changed to audit once add/drop ends. Staff taking required courses to complete organizational requirements may not fulfill their requirements by auditing.  Live Virtual courses will not be available to audit as space is limited and we need to priortize those that need to take classes for credit. 

New IBS Core Course: Intro to Mission

In January 2016, we added a new course to the IBS curriculum called "Intro to Mission."   It looks at cross-cultural mission from four perspectives: biblical, historical, cultural and strategic. It relates directly to one area we need to grow as an organization - namely, crossing cultures more effectively with the gospel. You can find a further description here under the first-year courses. As staff have heard about this class, they have asked, "Can I take it, even though it's not required for me?" The answer is YES, you can take ITM in place of Apologetics or Global Church History if you took New Testament Survey (meaning you joined staff before 2016).  Those that joined staff in 2016 or later are required to take Apologetics and Global Church History.