Preparing for
Winter 2022 IBS Courses 

We're looking forward to seeing you in January.  Although we won't be meeting face to face, we're committed to creating the best learning environment we can. Our prayer is that God would use these courses to expand your view of God, deepen your understanding of the gospel, strengthen your ability to study and communicate God's word, and fuel your vision to bring Christ to the nations. 

Everything you need to know about Intro to Christian Theology and Bible Study Methods and is posted below. Here's what you can do to prepare: 

  1. Clear your schedule Jan 4- Feb 1, 2022. These courses are not a distraction from your ministry but a foundational part of your development as a missionary with Cru.  ICT and BSM needs to take priority over all other work.  You will spend 2 hours per day in class (Zoom) and have 3-4 hours of work outside class.  This will leave a couple hours each day for work on MPD.
  2. Complete this Getting to Know You Survey by December 1, 2021.
  3. For Intro to Christian Theology, download the syllabus and watch the short video posted below. (We would strongly encourage you to finish as much of the ICT reading as possible before classes start.)
  4. For Bible Study Methods, you have a one pre-course assignment. There are some readings that are appropriate to complete before the course, but others that should only be read as the course unfolds. You can find articles (marked as pre-course readomg with an *) here and the syllabus here.
  5. Order your books (listed below)
  6. In early December we will sending you structured notes for each course.  
  7. Note: If you serve with the campus ministry, you are exempt from winter conferences.  

Course Resources: 
Bible Study Methods (BSM)

Course Description (Jocelyn Scott, Byron Straughn, and coaching team)

Using the book of Ephesians as a guide, you will learn the skills necessary to open the Scriptures for yourself. You will do this working in small groups along with a coach, so you can get the practical help you need to handle the word accurately.

Amazon Links for Course Texts
Note: You are only reading select portions from these books.  The pre-course assignment page lists the sections that you should read before the class begins.  The links below are for the "print" versions of these books.

Other Resources: 

Course Resources: 
Intro to Christian Theology (ICT)

Course Description (Dr. Keith Johnson)

Good theology is vital to the life and health of the church.  Theology helps us answer questions like, ‘What is God like?’ ‘How does God speak to us?’ ‘Why did God create the world?’  ‘What does it mean to be human?’ ‘What’s wrong in the world?’ ‘Who is Jesus Christ and what did he do for us?’ ‘What is the good news of the gospel?’  ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’ ‘What is a church?’ ‘How will God’s story end?’  This course will introduce you to the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith (God, Bible, creation, fall, Christ, Holy Spirit, salvation, Christian growth, Church and future things) affirmed in the Cru Statement of Faith.  Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of these doctrines but you will also discover how these doctrines should practically shape our lives and ministries. 

Amazon Links for Course Texts
Note: You are only reading select portions from these books.  Be sure to consult the course syllabus for specific readings.  The links below are for the "print" versions of these books.  Kindle versions are available as well.

Required Reading (Articles)

Recommended Resources