Housing is available at the conference facility for singles, couples and families.  For more information, go to https://newstafforientation.com/ (under both the Location and Packing Hints tab).


Note for Mothers with Young Children:
We value the contribution of our moms and want to see them experience the same development all Cru missionaries receive.  To help make this possible, we offer childcare during class each day during class.  Of course, there is still substantial outside work to be completed.  You'll want to complete as much of the reading as you can before you arrive.  We will work with you to help make it workable.  It's better to complete both classes now than to take one now and then have to come back to take the second sometime before you report to your assignment.  Please contact us (ibs.info@cru.org) so we can help you!
Here is a document (click to view) that will help explain some details about childcare for Winter IBS 2020.

Childcare will be available on site during both of these courses. For more information, go to https://newstafforientation.com/