Orlando Virtual IBS

In light of COVID-19, we’ve made the decision to move the Orlando IBS online this summer.

  • All IBS courses will meet using Zoom
  • You will still participate in “live” courses and can ask questions
  • Your courses will meet two hours per day for two weeks (BI and BC run for 2.5 hours daily)
  • IBS will run for 10 weeks, May 18 to July 24 
  • All courses cost $200
  • Graduate credit will not be available (other than BI and BC, see below)
  • You will need to re-register (if you were previously registered for Orlando courses)

Summer Schedule

Click here to download a ten-week schedule. 


If you were previously registered, we will cancel your registration for the Orlando IBS and you will not be charged for those classes (and housing, if applicable).  If you had previously registered for Orlando classes, you were sent an email on April 17 with instructions on how to re-register for your classes.

For everyone else, registration will be open on April 24. This page will have the links to register.

Tuition Rebate

If you complete four IBS courses this summer, you will receive a $200 tuition rebate. If a couple takes six IBS courses between the two of them this summer, the couple will receive one $200 rebate. The four (or six) courses can be a combination of any of the five week, two week, or one week courses taken between March 30 and August 31. This rebate will be applied after the courses are completed. 

Class Participation

Students are expected to actively engage, with their video on, in every class session.  If something comes up and you need to miss a class session, please let the TA (or coach) know before class.  It may be possible to record the session so you can watch it later.  Please note that if you miss more than 20% of the sessions, you cannot pass the class and you will still be charged.  

Withdrawing from Class

Email ibs.info@cru.org to withdraw from a class.

Refund policy for withdrawing from a 2 week virtual class:

  • Full refund if withdrawing by 20% of the class meetings (two days for a 2 week class) 
  • No refund if withdrawing after 20% of the class is completed 

Ordering your IBS Books

It is your responsbility to secure the required books for your classes. To make it easier to order your books, we will provide a complete list of required books for IBS with IBSN numbers.  You can find all these books on Amazon.com.  

Click here for booklist 

First Year

Intro to Christian Theology (July 13-24, 2020)
Bible Study Methods (June 29 - July 3 & July 6-10, 2020)
Intro to Mission (June 1-5 & June 8-12, 2020)

Second Year

God / Bible / Holy Spirit (June 15-19 & June 22-26, 2020)
Biblical Interpretation (June 29 - July 3 & July 6-10, 2020)
Biblical Communication (July 13-17 & July 20-24, 2020)
Old Testament Survey (Aug 12-14 & Aug 17-18, 2020)

Third Year

Apologetics (June 1-5 & June 8-12, 2020)
Humanity / Christ / Salvation (May 18-22 & May 25-29, 2020)
Christian Worldview & Ethics (June 15-19 & June 22-26, 2020)
Global Church History (May 18-22 & May 25-29, 2020)


Old Requirements (if you joined staff before Summer 1992)

How do the current IBS courses apply toward old requirements?