IBS Core Courses - Summer 2021

One important foundation for your biblical and theological development is the eleven core courses offered through the Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS). These eleven courses are designed to equip you for a lifetime of ministry.

New IBS Core Course: Intro to Mission

In January 2016, we added a new course to the IBS curriculum called "Intro to Mission."  It looks at cross-cultural mission from four perspectives: biblical, historical, cultural and strategic. It relates directly to one area we need to grow as an organization--namely, crossing cultures more effectively with the gospel. You can find a description below (under the first-year courses). As staff have heard about this class, they have asked, "Can I take it, even though it's not required for me?" The answer is Yes. This summer we will give you the option to take Intro to Mission in place of Church History or Apologetics. 

Preparing for IBS

IBS courses move at a fast pace and cover a lot of ground over two weeks. Many staff have discovered that by completing most their reading before they come, their learning experience at IBS is more enjoyable and less stressful. We would encourage you to try to do as much of your reading before you come.

Course syllabi for the IBS core classes will be placed on-line as they become available. We hope to have all the syllabi posted by May 15, 2021. These syllabi not only tell you what the required books are, but also tell you specifically what you will be required to read.

Ordering your IBS Books

It is your responsbility to secure the required books for your classes. We only order books when a book is not publically available.  To make it easier to order your books, we will provide a complete list of required books for IBS with IBSN numbers.  You can find all these books on Amazon.com.  

Download Booklist