Summer Graduate Study

Under this category a staff member receives “graduate study” as a single summer assignment.

Summer graduate study differs from the other two categories of graduate study in that permission is granted only one summer at a time. In other words, this status must be requested again in future summers. Only in very rare circumstances will a staff member be granted more than two summers in a row of graduate study.


In order to be considered for a summer graduate study status, a staff member must meet the following criteria

  1. Must have completed at least four years on Staff (excluding initial MPD).
  2. Must have completed initial ministry training (e.g., NSID in the Campus Ministry).
  3. Must have completed the first and second year required IBS courses.
  4. Must have clearly demonstrated the ability to manage his or her time effectively.
  5. Must currently be a local leader or actively moving toward leadership in the near future.
  6. Must be having an effective ministry as defined by our ministry effectiveness criteria.
  7. Must embrace the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Cru.


  1. Staff member discusses interest in summer study with LDHR leader (as well as summer placement coordinator, if applicable).
  2. Staff member requests summer study on the regional placement form.  (Along with this request, the staff member will submit an application outlining his or her proposed study).
  3. LDHR leaders makes decision about summer placement and informs staff member.


  1. Staff member must complete a minimum of six semester hours (nine quarter hours) of graduate study during the summer.
  2. Staff member must seek to take “live” courses (not merely correspondence courses from home).  The classroom environment represents a critical component of graduate learning. 
  3. Future summer placements will hinge upon the effective use of summers for graduate study.