Part-Time Graduate Study

Under this category a staff member is allowed to invest the equivalent of one day per week (eight hours out of a 40 hour work-week) pursuing graduate studies alongside normal ministry responsibilities.

For most staff this will involve taking a single course each semester (although in some cases it could involve a maximum of two courses).  The “one-day per week” includes commute time, time spent in class and homework.


In order to be considered for a “part-time” graduate studies status a staff member must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have completed at least four years on Staff (excluding initial MPD).
  2. Must have completed initial ministry training (e.g., NSID in the Campus Ministry).
  3. Must have completed the first and second year required IBS courses.
  4. Must have clearly demonstrated the ability to manage his or her time effectively.
  5. Must currently be a local leader or actively moving toward leadership in the near future.
  6. Must be having an effective ministry as defined by our ministry effectiveness criteria.
  7. Must embrace the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Cru.


  1. Staff member discusses his or her interest in part-time graduate studies with HRLD leader.
  2. Staff member submits a one-page application for part-time graduate studies.
  3. The LDHR leader makes a decision regarding approval for this status.
  4. Staff member is notified of the decision.


  1. Staff member continues to report to his or her local director.
  2. Staff member discusses proposed class schedule each semester with his or her supervisor before signing up for classes.
  3. Staff member avoids taking classes during key ministry time slots.