Graduate Study for Mothers

Some mothers may become interested in pursuing graduate study as their children get older and spend large amounts of time at school.

Because a mother’s involvement in ministry goes through so many different stages, it is difficult to identify “rules” that apply to every situation. The following four principles inform graduate study as it relates to mothers:

  1. Mothers are full-time staff members with Cru. As full-time Cru employees, any increased discretionary time should first be directed toward the local Cru ministry of which her husband is a part (or some other Cru ministry).
  2. As full-time Cru employees, moms are not exempt from the above grad studies policy. Any formal graduate study (that is, any time spent pursuing study during time when they could be involved in ministry) must be approved by LDHR
  3. Any proposed education must be directly related to and be necessary for the ministry activities in which they are involved.
  4. Mothers who are not actively engaged in some form of Cru ministry are not eligible to be considered for graduate study.