Full-Time Graduate Study

Under this category a staff member engages in full-time graduate study during the regular school year (two semesters or three quarter per year).

During the summer, a staff member with “full-time graduate study” status has a regular summer assignment just like any other Cru staff member. In addition, a staff member with full-time studies must spend the equivalent of one day per week (eight hours in a 40 hour work week) in a way that advances the mission of Cru.

Full-time grad study requires a year-for-year payback following the completion of a staff member’s study. Because there are so many viable ways to pursue education in the context of ministry, full-time graduate study will be granted only when a compelling need exists to do so.


  1. Must have completed at least four years on Staff (excluding initial MPD).
  2. Must have completed initial ministry training (e.g., NSID in the Campus Ministry).
  3. Must have completed the first and second year required IBS courses.
  4. Must have achieved and be effectively maintaining “Level 2” Support.
  5. Must be having an effective ministry as defined by our ministry effectiveness criteria. (If a staff member wants to pursue fulltime graduate study for a completely new type of role in which they have no direct experience, they may be asked to demonstrate competence in this new role before being granted graduate study status in order to make sure this role is the right fit for them and for the organization.)
  6. Must embrace the Mission, Vision, and Values of Cru.
  7. Must currently be a leader (or presently qualified for a leadership role).   Graduate study is not considered purely developmental. As a result, anyone seeking full-time graduate studies status must either (a) currently be a missional leader at the time of application or (b) be presently qualified for a  leadership role at the time application (with the express intention of stepping into that role upon completion of their studies).
  8. Must have a career plan with the LDHR leader's recommendation regarding how they will minister with their region after their graduate education is completed.
  9. Must clearly demonstrate how their graduate study will equip them to be more effective in their present role (or the role for which they are preparing).
  10. Must have a long-term commitment to serve with Cru.  (Staff members who have reservations about this should pursue graduate study through other means.)
  11. Must possess a compelling need to pursue full-time graduate study (as opposed to part-time or summer study).
  12. Must be willing to fulfill the obligations of full-time study listed below.


  1. Staff member discusses his or her interest in full-time graduate studies with their LDHR leader.
  2. Staff member gathers references and submits application for full-time graduate studies.
  3. LDHR leader makes a decision regarding the staff member’s request.
  4. Staff member is notified of the decision.


  1. Staff member must sign a legal agreement binding himself or herself to a year-for-year “payback” for each year they pursue full-time graduate study.  This year-for-year commitment represents a moral and legal obligation the staff member makes to Cru. (An explanation for the rationale of the payback can be found below.)
  2. Staff member reports to LDHR leader (or theological development leader) during their graduate study.
  3. Staff member must be willing to attend the biennial National Staff Conference (Fort Collins) as well as other conferences (e.g., Regional Staff Conference, Christmas Conference, etc.) stipulated by their ministry.
  4. Staff member must be willing to accept a summer assignment each summer.  (At least one summer will be spent serving as a TA for the Institute of Biblical Studies.)
  5. Staff member agrees to invest the equivalent of one day per week (eight hours per week) in some form of ministry with the Campus Ministry.  The nature of this ministry needs to be determined in consultation with their LDHR leader.
  6. The Staff member’s spouse is expected to have a full-time ministry assignment (unless the spouse has been approved for graduate study or must take care of the couple’s children).
  7. When research papers are part of the course requirements, the staff member will seek to do research that will benefit Cru.
  8. Staff member will represent the Lord (as well as Cru) in an honorable way during their studies.