IBS Updates


Summer IBS Moving Online

In light of ongoing COVID realities, we made the decision to move our summer IBS courses online.  As a result, we will not be offering any face-to-face courses in Orlando this summer.  (We have not yet made a decision about fall IBS courses.)

Summer 2021 IBS Information and Registration is now available. 

Finding IBS Courses

Where can I find a list of every IBS course for 2021? 

Here's a list of every course for 2021 in one document.  You will find registration deadlines in this document

Where can I register for IBS courses?

Summer 2021 Registration is now available. 

Where do I submit my graduation form when I finish my IBS requirements?

You will find the graduation form and instructions posted here.

How can I find out which IBS courses I have completed?

You can find information about IBS records here.  For IBS courses taken in the U.S., send an email to ibs.info@cru.org and we will help you figure out what you've completed.

How can I find out which IBS courses I still need?

If you came on staff after 1992, you need to complete the eleven IBS core courses. If you came on staff before 1992, you are under the old requirements. Use the IBS Progress Report to help you figure which IBS courses you need to finish.