Intro to Christian Theology


An overview of the major doctrinal areas: God, Bible, Holy Spirit, anthropology, sin, Christ, salvation, Christian growth, the Church and eschatology. This course is designed to overview topics included in Cru’s doctrinal statement.


Have a greater appreciation for and excitement about theology and its practical value for ministry.

Cultivate a deeper faith in God and confidence in the promises of God’s Word.

Gain a greater grasp of and confidence in the gospel of salvation.

Apply insights from the study of theology to your own ministry of winning, building and sending.

Research biblically and theologically a selected attribute of God.

Demonstrate a comprehension of major viewpoints, differences, and conflicts that exist in several doctrinal areas.

Develop a deeper understanding of and commitment to the Cru Statement of Faith.

Be better prepared to engage your culture in gospel ministry by discovering what various people think about doctrinal issues.


“This course brought me to worship God in sweet ways.”  

“The inerrancy section really encouraged me to approach the Bible with confidence.”

“I really learned a lot and this class has helped me know what I believe on a conviction level. I feel more able to explain my faith.”