Intro to Mission 

(Updated March 31, 2016)


Our God is a missionary God.  From Genesis to Revelation, God is working to create a community of redeemed people from every tribe, tongue and nation for his glory.  This class will help you better understand God’s mission (missio Dei) and the vital role his church is called to play in advancing his kingdom.  We will explore cross-cultural mission from four perspectives.  First, we will look at what Scripture says about the mission of God (biblical/theological perspective).  Second, we will trace the global history of Christian mission from the first century to the twenty-first century (historical perspective).  Third, we will examine culture and how we can more effectively communicate the gospel cross-culturally (cultural perspective).  Finally, we will explore how Cru fits into the global story of missions and how we, as Cru missionaries, can participate in God’s mission to gather a redeemed people from every nation for his glory (strategic perspective).

Intro to Mission is offered in an online format with coaching groups.

How do I register for Intro to Mission?

If you are attending (or recently attended) the New Staff Training conference, you are already registered for the Intro to Mission course and you will receive (or have received) the materials at the conference. You simply need to login to the class using the information provided in the email you received.

How do I get started?

  • After registering, the following will help you get started with Intro to Mission: 
  • Carefully read the syllabus. Create a schedule for how you will complete the course.
  • Purchase the required resources noted in the syllabus.
  • The lectures can be found on the course website. You can listen online or download them. Use the course notes to follow along with the lectures.

Where can I find course materials?

All of the materials can be found on the Intro to Mission course webiste. The syllabus for the class is also available on the Intro to Mission course website.  

What if I have Questions?

If you have unanswered questions regarding Intro to Mission, please send an email to