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IBS Classes and MPD Follow Up Conference:
(This is for those who were commissioned in September 2017. Also for those who were commissioned in July 2017 and received an exemption from attending a Fall Follow Up Conference)

(2 in room)
(4 in room)
Couple  Family
Housing $874 $437 $1,748 $2,280*
IBS Tuition $500 $500 $1,000 $750
MPD Follow Up Tuition $350 $350 $700 $700
Books (estimate) $120 $120 $120 $120
Childcare $0 $0 $0 $500***
Food/Other (estimate) $475 $475 $792 $831
Estimated Subtotal $2,319 $1,882 $4,360 $5,181
Administrative Charge**** $278 $226 $523 $622
 Estimated Total $2,597 $2,108 $4,883 $5,803
  + travel +travel + travel + travel

IBS Only:

Housing* $92 per night (single occupancy) or $120 per night (family housing)
IBS Tuition $250 per class
Books (estimate) $60 per class
Childcare $350 per child**
Food/Other (estimate) $400
Administrative Charge**** 12% of total

* Family Housing cost is for two adjoining rooms. If you would like one room, use the “Couple” or “Double” cost for housing. For single occupancy, there is an opportunity to share your room with up to 3 others, which would reduce the cost.

***Childcare: This cost includes a $50/child non-refundable registration fee
**** A 12% administrative charge is deducted by Cru from all support raised by a staff member. These funds are used for overseas expansion and to help fund the administrative services provided to the staff by our World Headquarters. You will need to account for this when calculating how much support to raise.

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Withdrawing From a Course/Refund Policy

Withdrawals are allowed at any time during the course, but there is a prorated refund schedule for up to half the class held over a normal two-week period:

Two Week Courses

  • After one day - no penalty
  • After two days - no penalty
  • After three days - 70% refund
  • After four days - 60% refund
  • After five days - 50% refund