When Is the Orlando IBS Summer 2018?

Classes begin on Wednesday, June 20 and end on Wednesday, July 18.  The first cycle of classes runs from Wednesday, June 20 to Tuesday, July 3.  The second cycle of classes runs from Thursday, July 5 to Wednesday, July 18. 

UPDATE (6-7-18):
  For those coming from out of town, onsite registration will be held at Rollins College on June 19 from 3-6pm (Ward Hall). If you work at Lake Hart, we will have an onsite registration in the East building on June 6 and June 7, 2018 (11:30-1:30). 
You must go through onsite registration to receive books, pay for your classes, receive course notes, and register for graduate credit, etc. If you are New Staff returning to take ICT and BSM, you will also need to attend the IBS Orientation at 7pm on Tuesday, June 19th. Clarification: If you are taking ICT and/or BSM we would like you to attend this orientation even if you aren't New Staff.

Where Will IBS Be Held?

IBS will be held on the campus of Rollins College in Orlando, Florida.

Where do my IBS classes meet?

To find out specifically where your classes are being held, download a course schedule below. You can find a link to a Rollins Map here.

Class Schedule 2018 

Download PDF version of course schedule   
NOTE: All courses are two weeks in length